EMILY's List

“Gina Ortiz Jones' inspiring story is an American story. The daughter of an immigrant single mom who instilled the values of hard work and service, Gina pursued an education through an Air Force ROTC scholarship, deployed as an intelligence officer in Iraq, and later built a career as an economic and national security expert," said Stephanie Schroick. "Gina's record is a stark contrast to Congressman Will Hurd, who has prioritized his party’s extreme agenda over the interests of the working families he was elected to serve."

Vote Vets

“Right now, with the world becoming an ever more unstable place, we need someone like Gina, in Congress,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War veteran and Chairman of VoteVets PAC.  “Gina has the experience and smarts to push for policies that actually keep America safe and secure. She doesn’t just talk tough.  Gina’s sense of service is also sorely needed in DC. She puts others, and country, above herself.  We need that mentality in the halls of Congress. That’s why we’re endorsing her, proudly.”

Serve America

“Washington today is defined by failed leadership and political divisiveness,” said Moulton. “In order to change that status quo, we need to bring a new generation of service-oriented leaders to Congress. We also need to put a check on the dangerous policies of President Trump, and the best way to do that is for Democrats to take back the House. That is why I’m supporting candidates who have demonstrated that they’re willing to put politics aside and do what’s best for the country: improving access to jobs, health care, and an education that prepares Americans for the modern economy to grow the middle class. I proudly endorse these candidates and look forward to working with them in Congress.”


"We are pleased to endorse Gina Ortiz Jones [and other candidates] for the 2018 mid-term elections,” said Rep. Grace Meng, chair of ASPIRE PAC. “These candidates best embody the values of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and we will work to ensure they have  successful campaigns.”

Asian American Action Fund

 “Gina Ortiz Jones has a long history of public service. Gina has lived the American Dream. She was raised by a single mother who came to the United States from the Philippines as a domestic helper after having already earned her graduate degree. She knew the United States offered the promise of a better future and limitless opportunities. Raised in San Antonio, Jones understands the unique issues of congressional district. She has dedicated her life to serving her country as a veteran of the Iraq War and has built a distinguished career in national security. We are proud to support her historic candidacy as she would be the first Filipina-American elected to the U.S. Congress."


“Victory Fund is thrilled to endorse Gina Ortiz Jones for Texas' 23rd Congressional District,” said Victory Fund President & CEO Aisha C. Moodie-Mills. “As an Iraq War veteran, and one who served under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Gina has real-world experience to lead on national security issues in a way that lives up to our American values. When she wins, Gina will become the first out member of Congress from Texas, the first Asian-American member of Congress from Texas, as well as the first woman ever elected to represent TX-23. Gina will become a vital LGBTQ voice for so many Americans.”


“Gina Ortiz Jones is exactly the kind of candidate we need to gain a pro-equality majority in 2018,” said Equality PAC Chair Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA).  “Gina bravely served our country in uniform under Don't Ask Don't Tell, and knows first hand the corrosive effect of anti-LGBT policies.  Her voice and perspective will be an invaluable addition to not just debates on equality, but military readiness, national security, health care policy, and all the myriad issues members of Congress face every day.  Equality PAC is proud to announce Gina as our first non-incumbent endorsement, a sign of how much faith we have in her and her campaign for Congress.”

Khizr Khan

"With leaders like Gina, our nation's affairs are in good hands.  I am honored to stand with her, now and always. With leaders like Gina in congress we will build our pluralistic democracy stronger and better which shall be a beacon of hope for all of us and the rest of the humanity. I fully endorse her and her campaign".

Wendy Davis

“To her core, Gina Ortiz Jones is a fighter. I’ve seen many candidates in my time in public service, and few impress me the way Gina has. Her grit and determination have helped her advance against long odds. Most impressive, though, is the seriousness with which she understands the need to protect those opportunities for others. It’s this public servant’s approach to politics that is desperately needed, and I am confident Gina has the toughness, the intelligence and the determination to fight for District 23 just as she did in fighting for her country. She has my strongest endorsement," said Davis.

Former Texas State Senator Leticia Van de Putte

"Anyone that knows me knows that I don't mince words - Gina is exactly the type of leader we need to win back TX-23. The daughter of a single-mother, a graduate of John Jay High School, and a veteran who has real experience protecting American interests all over the world, she's the kind of leader we need fighting for us in Washington. This administration has shown us what happens when we're not represented at the table - join me in electing one of our own to Congress," said Van de Putte.



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