Every family in this country deserves the opportunity to make a decent living, to earn enough to pay the bills every month and have a real chance to get ahead, to see their children get a first-class education that gives them more opportunities than those before them. That is the American Dream. Gina’s mother came to this country to work for that dream, and Gina has defended that dream in uniform as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force.

In Congress, Gina will make creating good-paying jobs in Texas her number one priority — focusing on investing in small businesses to put Texas at the forefront of job creation and innovation. Gina will protect and create the economic opportunities needed to ensure we have a strong and growing middle class.

In Congress, Gina will work to:

  • Attract new industries and businesses to our state, while protecting the jobs that we have — creating sustainable job growth that reflects the future economic base for Texas.

  • Ensure our rural communities have access to reliable high-speed internet, because a widening digital divide means too many Texans can’t access critical services and opportunities. Small home-based businesses are how many entrepreneurs get started and without high-speed internet, rural communities are locked out of that opportunity. 

  • Provide new and advanced skill training programs and forge public-private partnerships to provide a pipeline of talent that allows Texans to learn new skills and find good-paying jobs here at home, particularly in the field of renewable energy. Many businesses want to hire but the workforce lacks the skills they need. We must do a better job of helping employers find the skilled workers they need to grow this economy.

  • Guarantee equal pay for equal work so all hard-working Texans can support their families and get ahead.

  • Protect and foster small businesses in our communities by cutting red tape and providing incentives and tax relief for small and medium businesses that create jobs here and keep operations in the U.S.

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