More than ever, we need leaders in Congress who are capable of getting ahead of challenges our country is facing – both foreign and domestic. A former military intelligence officer and Iraq War veteran with an extensive career as a national security expert, Gina has spent over 14 years serving and protecting our country. She has the knowledge and experience to be a leader on national security and foreign policy decisions that strengthen our relationships with our allies and protect the long-term interests of the United States.

Rather than the reactionary rhetoric we’ve seen from Republicans or the alarming and ill-tempered threats issued from our President, Gina will bring high-level experience and unique perspective having served in positions around the world and in our own government. She will stand up for responsible solutions that protect Americans from dangers both at home and abroad. She will be a strong voice to protect the building blocks that truly make our country secure – access to quality education and affordable health care services for all Americans. And because our safety begins at home, Gina believes strongly in commonsense measures to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, and other people who represent a risk to themselves and others.

In Congress, Gina will work to:

  • Be a strong voice on intelligent, common sense national security policy that puts the safety and security of our country and people first – not political rhetoric or games.

  • Lead the development of pragmatic foreign policies that invest in solutions that strengthen our neighboring countries. This is a proven approach for preventing our neighbors’ challenges from becoming our national security risks.

  • Ensure we are using all resources available to address our challenges and opportunities. We need to reconstitute our diplomatic strength - a core tenant of our national security that has been severely under-resourced and under-utilized. We must reassure our partners and allies that principled American leadership will continue to be the cornerstone of global security.

  • Develop economic policies based on an understanding that the security of our nation relies on a strong, vibrant middle class.

  • Lead the development of economic and trade policies that reflect the reality that our national security and economic prosperity depends on the strength of our trading relationships. Former secretaries of defense and senior military officers have called trade a strategic imperative – a sign that the line between economic and national security is increasingly blurred. The U.S. must lead on trade, and we must lead in a way that reflects our commitment to the strength of our own middle class.

  • Work towards common sense solutions for man-made climate change given the real threat it poses to our national and economic security, and public health. We know that American leadership on climate change will create clean energy jobs and generate benefits far beyond the climate. For example, one in 11 kids in Texas has asthma – a condition equally exacerbated by man-made climate change and insufficient access to quality healthcare. As a coastal state with an economy that relies on agriculture and ranching, Texas must lead on smart, data-driven climate change policies.

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