As an Iraq War veteran, Gina knows how egregious it is that so many of those who served before and with her, and put their lives on the line to protect all of us, are seemingly forgotten and not receiving the care they deserve.

Gina believes strongly that we owe Texas seniors – men and women who worked their whole lives to support their families – the dignity of a secure retirement. This includes the safety nets they were promised would be there for them, and to which they spent their entire lives contributing. 

In Congress, Gina will stand up for our veterans and their families to ensure our country lives up to the promises we made to them in exchange for their service and their lives. She will fight to protect and expand critical programs that many Texas seniors rely on like Social Security and Medicare.  

In Congress, Gina will work to:

  • Ensure that our veterans have access to quality health care and resources they need to re-integrate into civilian life.

  • Protect Social Security and Medicare from right-wing attacks and insurance industry attempts to privatize or dismantle them. She will stop added barriers such as raising retirement or eligibility ages, or any attempt to cut benefits for seniors.

  • Be a watchdog for our seniors – creating consumer protections and cracking down on those that take advantage of them.

  • Protect the retirements and pensions that many veterans and seniors worked their entire lives to build and believed would be there when they needed them.

  • Bring services to communities where seniors need them, helping them to maintain independence and stay in their own homes if that is their wish, and giving some relief to many Texans who are struggling to support their families and their aging parents.

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