Texas’ educational system continues to be ranked among the bottom in the country – 43rd in Education Week’s 2016 Quality Counts Report – yet enrollment in Texas schools continues to rise, with one in every 10 school age child in this country residing in Texas.

As the daughter of a lifelong educator, Gina understands that a quality education is the key to a better future. She knows she wouldn’t be where she is today without the educators who helped guide her and the opportunities her education provided. Unfortunately, as pivotal as quality education is to future economic security and success, Texas ranks 36th nationwide in classroom spending.

In Congress, Gina will fight to ensure every Texas student has access to a first-class education and the resources they need. Gina graduated from the kind of high school where you start off with 900 kids, yet only 500 graduate. This is too common in Texas, and we have to do better. She’s ready to fight for our kids - regardless of their background or zipcode.

In Congress, Gina will work to:

  • Ensure every student can receive a quality education regardless of where they attend school or where they live. This starts with ensuring the classroom is a safe and inclusive learning environment for every student.

  • Provide the resources necessary to attract, continually develop, and retain the best teachers in our classrooms – and then give them what they need to do their jobs.

  • Give every child the opportunity to get the head start they need by fully funding universal Pre-K and making early childhood education programs available to all families.

  • Increase federal resources for STEM education.

  • Protect federal dollars for our kids with special needs.

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