As a first-generation American, Gina will never forget that our country was built by immigrants and that immigration strengthens our economy and contributes to our national security. Gina knows we need smart, responsible immigration policy reform that protects the security of Americans while also creating an inclusive and welcoming community for those who come to this country for a better life. Gina will work to ensure our immigration policies focus on tapping into our country’s potential – not forcing vulnerable communities into the shadows.

In Congress, Gina will advocate for justly-administered, orderly, and welcoming immigration policies. Our nation’s border security cannot be compromised, but our safety does not require us to abandon the principles on which this country was founded.

In Congress, Gina will work to:

  • Implement responsible and common-sense immigration reform that directs resources to protecting the safety and security of all, ensures appropriate resources and oversight for law enforcement professionals, while providing those members of our communities who have made contributions to our culture and economy the respect and dignity they deserve.

  • Strengthen protections at all existing ports of entry, along the borders and at shipping ports. The vast majority of foreign illegal drugs come in through existing ports of entry that lack sufficient resources to check every vehicle and every container.

  • Fight for a clean DREAM Act and protect DACA. We need to honor the promise we made to these young people and put them on a path to full citizenship. They were brought to this country as children and have become a crucial part of our workforce, economy, and communities.

  • Protect families who are caught in the immigration process, fighting to ensure they are able to stay together.  

  • Ensure we do not throw billions of dollars away on an ineffective, wasteful border wall. Rather, we should invest in infrastructure that strengthens our border communities and capitalizes on the social, economic, and cultural ties that are sources of strength. The Emergency Declaration is taking billions away from important military construction projects that our service members rely on. I oppose that action.

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